DevOps Platform Engineer (Bucher + Suter)

Noser Bulgaria is a Swiss-owned company located in Bulgaria and a part of the Noser Group. Our mission in Bulgaria is by combining Swiss innovativeness, precision and stability with Bulgarian creativity, friendliness, and openness, to deliver successful projects to our long-term Switzerland customers and partners.

With around 500 employees, the Noser Group is one of Switzerland's leading ICT solutions and support providers. It consists of AKROS, Bucher + Suter, FROX, Noser Engineering, Noser Young, DANEXiS, Noser Bulgaria and the holding company Noser Management. We are a leading Swiss IT solution provider. Noser Group companies are represented in various countries all over the world. Through innovative solutions, the companies of the Noser Group ensure the success of their corporate clients. In the last 33 years, the Noser Group successfully implemented hundreds of innovative projects.

For our partner Bucher and Suter, we are looking for a motivated person like you to join our society of passionate and experienced professionals. Bucher and Suter is the biggest Cisco Contact Center Partner in Europe and a company with a history over of 40 years.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience working as an DevOps Platform Engineer
  • Experience with integration of B2B software products
  • Experience in the cloud platforms MS Azure and AWS
  • Experience in of Kubernetes clusters, deployment patterns and microservices (Helm / Ansible / Docker / Terraform)
  • Experience in in CI/CD tools and processes (Azure Dev Ops, Jenkins, Flux, etc.)
  • Experience in monitoring cloud-based solutions (Thousand eyes, Grafana, Prometheus, Pager Duty)
  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSF
  • Good knowledge of Linux systems (Bash, Python, Ruby, Go)
  • Experience with NoSQL DBMSs (MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas) and Relational DBMSs (like MS SQL and PostgreSQL)
  • Ongoing personality which looks forward to mentoring, guiding, coaching junior team members
  • Very good written and spoken English skills

Technology stack

  • Helm
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Kustomize
  • Thousand eyes
  • Grafana
  • Pager Duty
  • Prometheus

How will you spend your time

  •   5% Design
  •   5% Implementation
  • 10% Test
  •   5% Review team mate's code
  •   5% Documentation
  • 70% DevOps

Corporate benefits

Technology is our passion, customer value is our target, and we believe that we can solve almost all challenges through technology. Our engineers constantly develop their skills and technological knowledge and maintain close contact with customers through a remote and local presence. Together we put our heart and soul into developing solutions for various projects, always using the latest technologies. It is important to us to make a sustainable contribution to simplifying everyday life. Therefore, continuing education is essential to us. Our internal and external education and trainings ensures that our engineers always keep their fingers on the pulse of technology through constant further development. As a result, we create sustainable solutions that inspire our customers and us.

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