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Tsveti Abadzhieva
Meet our people: Tsvetelina Abadzhieva
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Meet our people: Ivan Simeonov

Ivan Simeonov

Meet one of our teammates: Ivan Simeonov. He is working as a Junior Software Developer and is one of our young talents. We are so glad and proud to have so motivated, ambitious and friendly colleagues at our team.

What do you like about working at Noser Bulgaria?

First, my colleagues. I have established friendly and productive communication with all of them. They constantly inspire me and make me happy being a part of this fantastic team. Our working conditions are cool and flexible. I am grateful that management understands all my university obligations and supports my education. Also, here I’m always faced with interesting, real and productive challenges. Even being a newbie, my mentors give me enough difficult tasks, which I highly appreciate, because that is the right way to develop and grow as a professional in my field.

What do you do at Noser Bulgaria?

I am developing Angular applications.

What are your top 5 skills?

Very communicative, good listener, problem solver, consistent and disciplined in following goals, fast learner

What is your professional background?

I’ve studied at the Vienna Technical University and I’m currently a student last year at the Technical University Sofia.

What are the top 3 values that drive you?

First, progress – I believe each person in our society must constantly improve himself and provide better support for all other people involved. That’s why I always try to develop myself in several directions which are important for me. Second, family and friendship – I feel confident and productive as a person and professional when I have people whom I can trust and rely on when necessary. Third, comfort. I am a big fan of high-quality products, food (as well as real friends) and comfortable living conditions.

What do you think distinguishes us as a company?

The unique mixture of Swiss and Bulgarian culture, friendliness and understanding of my personal and professional needs.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Cycling, hiking, cooking, calisthenics and martial arts.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I do a lot of sports and I am a big fan of our traditional Bulgarian kitchen, but despite that, two years ago, I stopped eating meat and started a strict calorie schedule in a day-to-day basis.

Ivan Simeonov
Ivan Simeonov
Ivan is a software engineer developing Angular applications. He has studied at the Vienna Technical University, and he is currently a student last year at the Technical University Sofia. Ivan enjoys cycling, hiking, cooking, calisthenics and martial arts.