Dr. Plamen Ivanov

Plamen is an IT service management professional, trainer, innovator and lecturer who loves nature, science and challenges. Plamen has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, delivering projects for different organisations and corporations. Plamen holds a PhD degree in the field of Computer Science from Technical University Sofia. His greatest passion is the development, support and management of innovation that has resulted in 4 filed internationally published patents in the field of IT Service Management. Plamen has numerous rewards and recognitions including the award of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria "John Atanasoff" Certificate 2014. He is a big fan of the Bulgarian nature and history, especially our Rhodope mountains and the Thracian history.

ITILv4 Service Value Stream

ITILv4 & ServiceNow: Friends or Foes (How to implement ITILv4 Value Streams with ServiceNow Flows)

We, at Noser Bulgaria, always try to enable and support organizations in their digital transformation to be able to follow the top-notch global tendencies. But what is digital transformation? It is an extensively and most often misused term that leads to a diverse, unclear, and uncommon understanding. Our definition is: “Implementation of digital technology to achieve significant improvement, e.g. technology-enabled automation that changes the way the company does its current business or enables a completely new one”. Modern and promising methodologies and technologies must justify such a significant change. Fortunately, now we are on the doorstep of something big because of modern methodologies like ITILv4 and thrilling technologies like ServiceNow Flows.
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